Ludwig in Leipzig VI:

GDR Art from the Eighties

9. February to 2. September 2012

During the 1980s, art in the GDR achieved a previously unseen pluralism, characterised not only by attitudes that complemented the prevailing political system, but also by cosmopolitan and critical viewpoints. … read more

Max Beckmann

Face to Face

17. September to 22. January 2012

Max Beckmann (Leipzig 1884 – New York 1950) is regarded as one of the great mavericks of modern art. His life’s work includes a large number of different portrait types: individual and double portraits, family and group depictions and also “hidden” portrayals in the allegorical works. In his portrait painting, Beckmann reflects a very personal fabric … read more

Natur 3d

Contemporary art in a dialogue with historical museum artefacts

1. July to 16. September 2012

The exhibition is a joint project by the Museum of Fine Arts, the Natural History Museum and the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Students majoring in fine arts under Professor Astrid Klein question our contemporary handing of nature and landscape, historical visual concepts of depicting nature and symbolic image enrichments in topics relating to nature. … read more

Hubert Scheibl

Plants and Murders

7. June to 30. September 2012

Everything in the current works by Hubert Scheibl revolves around the interaction between human beings and nature. Nature is a tremendous, elementary force and at the same time the source of life. Natural catastrophes reveal the strength of nature and the limitations of humans. Scheibl deals with nature’s ambivalence and our existence within it in paintings, installations and in paper work. … read more

Imi Knoebel

Rosenkranz Kubus X

17. September to 26. February 2012

In his works, Imi Knoebel (born 1940 in Dessau) draws in the widest possible sense on the abstract art found in classic modernism. He creates as yet non-existent levels of reality, reduced to the specific, basic elements of artistic work. In 2011, Imi Knoebel designed the windows in the Royal Cathedral in Reims. The focal point of the exhibition is the monochrome-white, pictorial object “Mennigebild 17/33” … read more

Jochen Plogsties

Art Prize from the Leipziger Volkszeitung 2011

3. December to 26. February 2012

Jochen Plogsties (born 1974 in Cochem) is in full control of his metier, from accurate lines and fine glaze through to a pasty, distressed application of paint. His newest paintings are copies of other peoples’ works. Even if pictures from the museified canon of European painting predominate, motifs from coincidental discoveries such as Asian tea tins also tickle the artist’s interest. … read more

The Best of Dutch in Leipzig

26. February to 17. June 2012

The exhibition covers a selection of roughly 100 paintings and 40 choice sketches from the museum’s collection and therefore offers a representative overview of the Golden Age in Dutch painting. … read more

From Adhesive Binding to the Art Book


8. March to 28. May 2012

The cabinet exhibition focuses on two special types of collecting and presenting graphics: the volumes with adhesive bindings that collectors used from the 16th to the 18th centuries to group sketches and engravings by various artists, and the art books that have been an important means of artistic expression and a field for experimentation since the closing days of the 19th century. … read more