Ludwig in Leipzig V: Bernhard Heisig / Wolfgang Petrick: On the Road

27. January to 14. April 2013

In 2010, the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts received 126 paintings and 33 sculptures as permanent loans from the Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation. The works are excellently suited to complement the museum's own inventory of art in the GDR. The works have been publicly exhibited since 2010, primarily in dialogic presentations: Hartwig Ebersbach and Volker Stelzmann, Hubertus Giebe and Wolfgang Peuker, also Wolfram Ebersbach and Sighard Gille. In 'Ludwig in Leipzig IV', we distilled an entire decade and exhibited strikingly individual artistic thumbprints from the nineteen-eighties. The current presentation now shows works by Bernhard Heisig from the Ludwig Foundation and also the museum's own inventory. Heisig's partner in dialogue is Wolfgang Petrick, whose critical realism, interwoven … read more

Max Klinger. Opus VI

A Glove

24. July to 24. November 2013

Max Klinger made his debut as an illustrator in the Society of Berlin Artists in 1878, presenting his Fantasies on a lost glove; dedicated to the woman who lost it. Opus IV was published in its first edition and a print run of 25 copies in 1881. The extremely personal style and biographical influences of this portfolio depict in ten images the love story of a young man, whose features in some of drawings resemble those of Klinger. While his peers were unaccustomed to Klinger's narrative style, the dreamlike visions and their realistic appearance, the veiled … read more

CREATORS OF WORLDS – Richard Wagner. Max Klinger, Karl May

16. May to 15. September 2013

They were all born in Saxony: Richard Wagner 1813 in Leipzig, Max Klinger 1857 in Leipzig and Karl May 1842 in Ernsthal/Ore Mountains. Structured in three chapters, ‘Creators of Worlds’ contextualises their worlds of fantasy within an artistic framework: works of landscape and historical painting with its romantic allusions, including numerous loans from internationally significant collections, visually … read more

Saxony – Works from the Deutsche Bank Collection

7. February to 21. April 2013

The exhibition presents work on paper from the Deutsche Bank Collection, featuring 32 contemporary artists with biographical links to Saxony. While the spectrums of topics that the artists cover – among them Gerhard Richter, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo, Georg Baselitz or Neo Rauch - do vary, they also reveal correspondence: the critical appraisal of German identity and history, visions of … read more

A star is born

Photography and Rock Music since Elvis

30. September to 13. January 2013

The exhibition revolves around pop and rock culture, a formative force for the post-war generation in particular. 177 photographs from the collection owned by the Folkwang Museum Essen are on show, conveying a unique and true to life insight into iconoclastic figures of pop such as Elvis Presley, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles or Queen. Musicians from the independent scene of … read more

Living with Pop!

Graphic art from the 60s – from Warhol to Richter

30. September to 13. January 2013

Western, young, hedonistic and at times provocative – that’s what pop is. Overstepping the mark and breaking with tradition, pop mirrors the attitudes to life in the post-war generation. Featuring artwork from the Heinz Beck Collection in the Wilhelm Hack Museum Ludwigshafen, the exhibition provides a glimpse into this age of artistic and social upheaval. Graphic art especially lends emphasis to the departure … read more

Purchased. Recent aquisitions by the Prints Collection 2003 - 20013

20. July to 17. November 2013

The Prints Collection opens its doors for the Cabinet Exhibition, presenting an impressive selection of museum acquisitions over the last ten years. The main focus is on contemporary art, drawing lines between sketches, prints, photography and even paper cuts. … read more