Max Klinger, Handlung, Blatt aus der Folge "Ein Handschuh", Opus VI, 1881

Max Klinger. Opus VI

A Glove

Max Klinger made his debut as an illustrator in the Society of Berlin Artists in 1878, presenting his Fantasies on a lost glove; dedicated to the woman who lost it. Opus IV was published in its first edition and a print run of 25 copies in 1881. The extremely personal style and biographical influences of this portfolio depict in ten images the love story of a young man, whose features in some of drawings resemble those of Klinger. While his peers were unaccustomed to Klinger's narrative style, the dreamlike visions and their realistic appearance, the veiled yet open approach to erotically-charged images and the tortuous longings and fears, they have lost nothing of their fascination to the present day.