Contemporary Art

28. January to 24. September 2017

The exhibition presents a dialogue between the drawings, sculptures and paintings of Max Klinger and Markus Lüpertz. During his lifetime, Klinger irritated the audience with the modernity of his multi-coloured sculptures composed of different materials. In a similar way, today’s audience is often provoked by Markus Lüpertz’ coloured scupltures. … read more


Young perspectives on painting in Leipzig since 1949

30. March to 6. August 2017

Focusing on the reception of GDR painting among young people, this exhibition was organised together with 16 students of the 10th grade at the 35th secondary school of Leipzig. The young people decided on all essential aspects of the exhibition, from topic selection and exhibition concept, to writing the commentaries for the paintings and arranging their presentation and communication. … read more


Logos and Image

11. May to 6. August 2017

This exhibition focuses on small-format parchment artworks that Michael Triegel created to depict selected dinner speeches given by Martin Luther. They focus on Luther as a doubter and a searcher, and not on his role as theologian and reformer. Triegel’s works are not illustrations in a traditional sense. Instead, Luther’s statements are transformed into symbolically charged objects shown in close-up. … read more